Project Cargo


The project is a combination of client’s tasks and measures connected with an achievement of a planned purpose with unique non-recurrent character, terms and budget. 
Services on project logistics granted by the PTL Group
The PTL Group grants the full complex of a project logistics directed on the realization of client’s projects in sphere of logistics, i.e. on a delivery of out-size and non-standard cargos on “door-to-door” basis, not depending on countries of dispatch:

  • Managing  the content of a project in a logistics sphere; 
  • Managing the risks connected with a transportation and documentary preparation of cargos;
  • Managing the communications between the suppliers, client and all participants of a logistic chain;
  • Managing the quality and supplies: in a necessary place, at appropriate time, of a right quality;
  • Managing the budget, the calculation and planning of a project from a purchasing perspective, payments to suppliers and other participants of a logistics chain; 
  • Preparation of supporting documents for export/ import;
  • Insurance;
  • Coordination of all processes.