Do you have a necessity to deliver a cargo for a big distance quickly and without delays? International air cargo traffic is a most effective decision for those people who got accustomed to appreciate own time. You’ll raise significantly the speed of a delivery of cargos to a receiver by using of air transport.

The logistics company PTL Group has partnership relations with the biggest national and foreign airlines (Aeroflot, British Airways, and Lufthansa etc.) which guarantee the delivery of cargos to any point of delivery within the minimum period of time on most competitive prices.  

  • Air cargo traffic
  • Categories of cargos for delivery by air:
  • Perishable cargos;
  • High-value goods;
  • Hazardous goods;
  • General cargos;
  • Express goods – which demand an urgent delivery in a short period of time.

Our access to air cargo traffic
Specialists of our company have necessary knowledge and experience in logistics sphere which allows them making the infallible choice of a board for a transportation of different goods. In this time, a big role in a process of air cargo traffic plays also the client’s role: the more exact and correct are supporting documents, the more qualitative and quick act our personnel. 

By choosing the freight forwarding services granted by the PTL Group, you can ensure the high-level service and quickness of air cargo traffic to any place of the world (Europe – Great Britain, Germany, Spain; Asia – UAE, Turkey, China, Japan; America – USA, Canada). Our partnership relations will become a key success factor to your business.

Effort to be a tower of strength for each client
The staff of PTL Group consists of well-qualified managers who know their profession and react immediately for clients’ requests. Such access to a work allows to our company keeping the leading places in air cargo traffic between international logistics companies.  

In case if you appreciate quickness of the preparation of documents, faultlessness and reliability of execution of orders, you must choose the freight forwarding company PTL Group. 

It takes fully upon itself all questions on international air traffic of your cargos, therefore you don’t have troubles with a safety of goods and terms of its transportation. For a receiving of a detailed consultation please connect with our managers.