Contract logistics


The outsourcing is a foreign economic activity connected with export or import of goods, which is provided by the representative of a specialized company on behalf of a client. At present time, this kind of service becomes very popular between the companies which optimize their working process. That’s why, very often companies delegate the administration of some directions (accounting, management of a personnel, marketing, IT etc.) to third parties, and namely to a professional staff who have an experience in this sphere. 

According to an individual order of a client, the list of services in frame of contract logistics includes:

  • Complex organization and executing of necessary measures for the outsourcing of a foreign economic activity;
  • Transit of necessary goods from a shipper to client;
  • Arranging of a bank money transfer from a buyer to seller;
  • Preparation of CMR notes;
  • Preparation of an appropriate cargo documentation, which maintains goods on the whole route;
  • Legal solving of all questions in spheres of taxes, custom clearance, cash-flow and law.

The main task of PTL Group is an optimization of foreign economic activity of clients by using of an outsourcing for a carrying and development of their business.

The outsourcing in of logistics in a foreign economic activity will be advantageous in following cases:

  • Your company doesn’t have a unit of a foreign economic activity or its foundation isn’t foreseen at present time;
  • Own units of foreign economic activity can be a great expenditure, and therefore unprofitable;
  • The concentration of free resources of the company is aimed to a main type of its activity;
  • The planned cost-cutting of expenses for own service connected with a decrease of financial and time investments;
  • If the running of foreign economic activity takes all free time and efforts.