The international multimodal freight service is well-demanded by the extra continental delivery of cargos. Such transportation implies the alternate using of several kinds of transport.  Multimodal freight services include an effective combination of air, sea and road transport which increase the expenses on freight forwarding services but decrease the term of a delivery. 
Managers of the PTL Group are the leading specialists in logistics sphere who knows all advantages of every kind of a transport. That’s why we are ready always to propose the most profitable and time optimal routes.

Advantages of multimodal freight services

You got the following advantages by choosing of multimodal freight services:

  • Possibility of a delivery of a cargo on “door-to-door” basis. In most cases, this type of a service by a transportation of goods on big distances is available only for multimodal freight services.  It occurs because such transportations are executed by air or sea ways, and they demand an obligatory using of road transport, sea harbor or airports;
  • Possibility of using of any containers depending upon technical or chemical peculiarities of cargos, as also their sizes;
  • Possibility of taking into account the specificity of development of a transport infrastructure for each region on cargos’ routes. It allows matching the most effective kind of transport for each case. 

Our company uses best digital technologies, best international logistic systems, attracts high-qualified personnel in sphere of granting of freight forwarding services in order to satisfy the demands of our clients. 
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